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Ciao a tutti!

"Good food is the foundation of true happiness"

- Auguste Escoffier

Thank you so much for supporting my project! Please, scroll below to read more about me⬇️

My Story

Hi Everyone, 

I'm Giulia Fiorino. I'm fully Italian, from a southern Italian dad, coming from a small town found in Calabria and, from a northern Italian mom, born in Milan but raised by a Bolognese family. I was born in London but raised in Milan, Italy. At thirteen years old, I moved to Istanbul, starting a new and adventurous chapter in my life. 

Moving to a new and culturally different place made me realize the importance of my Italian roots and how lucky I am. Getting the opportunity of working in Grade 10 on "Personal Project", I decided to work on an essential matter I learned throughout my childhood in Italy and expand on it: cooking. 

Cooking has been something essential in my family since always. At first, I used to be the one tasting if the meal was perfectly cooked when I was a child. Nowadays, I'm the one cooking for my family through the recipes, stories and experiences learned through time.

For my Personal Project, I chose to create a new project entitled "Eco-Friendly&Healthy Italian Cuisine", in which I create eco-friendly revisited Italian traditional recipes, without the usage of meat and mostly dairy-free.  Therefore, eating healthy is becoming a new and important lifestyle we all should learn to follow. On my blog, besides learning how to cook tasty recipes, you'll acquire knowledge regarding the world of nutrition and the basis that everyone should know, thanks to the help of an excellent nutritionist. 

In order to help an amazing international community to feel more involved in this journey, I created a Youtube Channel in which backstories of traditional recipes, made by old Italian souls, are shared. Therefore, be ready to learn new cooking hacks, how easy cooking can be, and most importantly, the love and passion behind Italian cuisine. 

Thanks, everyone for supporting my project and me, I hope you'll enjoy this new and interesting food journey.  



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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