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Traditional Tiramisu

How to make tiramisu in a glass (doses for 2 people):


  • 125 gr of mascarpone (the only way to get the best tiramisu is to use a real mascarpone)

  • 2 yolks

  • 30 gr of sugar

  • 50 gr of whipped cream

  • 4 savoiardi biscuits

  • ¼ glass of sugared coffee

  • As much needed, cocoa powder


  1. Whip together the egg yolks and half of the sugar quantity, add the mascarpone cheese slowly and continue to whip.

  1. Separately, whip the fresh cream, and once semi-whipped, add the remained sugar. Add to it the egg and sugar mixture.

  1. In order to create the right tiramisu, we have to soak our savoiardi biscuits in sugared coffee (previously prepared). It’s important to wet them not for too long or it will turn out to be of the wrong consistency.

  1. In a glass of your choice, help yourself with a teaspoon and insert, in series: mascarpone cream, savoiardo soaked in coffee, and so on, until the glass is full.

  1. Sprinkle with bitter cocoa and serve at the table. To make it even tastier, you can add cocoa powder between each layer. If you want a more compact tiramisu, place the glasses in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

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